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Interior Furnishing  was created  in January 1982, and has been providing Expert Upholstery and Marine Upholstery Services throughout Southampton and the surrounding areas.

We have over  45  years  experience  in  the  wide  field  of  Upholstery, (Antique, Traditional and Modern furniture), Re-Upholstery and Yacht  Trimming.

Expert  in  Antique Upholstery, using  Traditional  fillings & methods, Modern  foam  filled  furniture whether  it be a  suite  or  a  footstool.Yacht  Trimming and Marine Upholstery is also catered for and includes Seats, Berth, Backrest or Cockpit  cushions  made or  renewed. 

A wide  range of fabrics of all  qualities available to choose  from, including a  fabric  sourcing and ordering  service.  All  types of fillings supplied and made to any shape or size, whether that is C.M.H.R, Memory  foam, Feather and Hollowfibre in any combination.

Why Re-Upholster ?

Restoring your existing furniture whether its a Chair, Sofa, Settee or even 2 - 3 Piece Suite, providing it is of a good quality will prove to be a very good investment. Generally, when Re-Upholstering an item the final cost is just half to two thirds of the price of the equivalent item when new.

Normally if the furniture is 12 or more years old then all the filling i.e. Armrests, Seats & Backs, as well as all cushions will be renewed, so Re-Upholstery rather than Re-covering. All frames, springs/sundries will be repaired/renewed as necessary.

All top brands of fabrics supplied (including a fabric sourcing service) or customers own can be used. The fabric will always be pattern matched.

Modern Upholstery

Fillings used for Seat & Backrest cushions will be of a density to the customer’s preference .Using C.M.H.R. foam wrapped with polyester fibre and a stockinet covering or Duck feather, Hollow fibre, Memory foam, and combinations of.

Marine/Yacht or Caravan cushions

Paper templates will be taken of which new Seat, Backrest, Berth & Cockpit cushions can be cut and made, Inc chamfered edges & any awkward cut outs e.g. pipes.

Fabric will be matched when cutting out and Foam filling will be of a density to the customer’s preference.

Antique Upholstery

The item will be stripped & Upholstered using traditional methods and fillings, e.g. hair, coir fibre & cotton felt.

A seat for example will have coil springs stitched onto a Jute webbing base. They are then lashed onto each other & fixed to frame. The springs will then be covered by & tied onto Hessian. Coir fibre is then added, held in place by bridal ties. This then is covered by more Hessian and tacked to frame.

Edges are stitched by hand, 3 row’s making a good firm (long lasting) edge with a small rolled edge on top. Next a layer of hair topped with cotton felt. It is then covered by calico & is now ready for the top fabric to be applied.

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Our Aim

The intention is to make the furniture look as good if not better than when it was new. If the work is carried out methodically at every stage then there is no fear in relation to the workmanship in years to come.

Basically if the job is done properly in the first place then I should not need to come back after a few months to put something right.

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